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Permormance, quality, reliability.

Own development and production of stoves since 1991.

Own development and software.

Specialized in producing boiler for domestic houses.

Ready to teach maintainance and service.

Certified boilers and ready to receive a subsidy.


30 years of development and production of biomass boilers.

History of the company

We are a company with thirty years of experience in the development and production of boilers for central heating. We specialize in the development of fully automatic pellet boilers that provide users with complete comfort when heating your home. The experience of the Waltis team dates back to the 1980s. At that time, they were in the development – prototype group of the company Ferrotherm, one of the largest in Yugoslavia boiler manufacturers, developed prototypes for the domestic and Austrian market. In the development and production of prototypes, this group of people has followed Austrian trends over the years. 

We decided
 to continue its journey and transfer modern methods of heating from the north to the domestic market, and a lot of innovations have also been created in the process.

Sales Manager

Matej Part

+386 31 458 142

Founder & CEO

Valter Part


Continuous development of new systems that correspond to modern European standards since 1991.​


The boiler will be manufactured for you with the heart by people who have been doing it for more than 30 years.​

WALTIS svetovanje


Do not hesitate to call our experts, who will take care of the optimal implementation according to your needs.

WALTIS Montaža

Turnkey renovation of heating systems

Complete renovation of the heating system with the most modern equipment for optimal home heating. (Slovenia)

WALTIS servis

Service and Maintenance

In addition to top products, the most important thing is good support, service and availability of spare parts.

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